Atlanta Actress Christina Leidel Stars in Upcoming Film “Free Lover: Victoria Woodhull”

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The highly anticipated "Free Lover: Victoria Woodhull" film starts shooting in Atlanta April 20th Atlanta, GA /April 15th 2023 /StudioCarlton/ --  Zoe Films, Inc. is excited to announce that award winning actress [...]

Carlton Digital ‘Victoria Woodhull Treasures’ NFT Series Offers a Glimpse into this Historical Figure

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The newly curated NFT collection combines a 19th-century Female Presidential Candidate with the digital world for a unique art experience ATLANTA, November 7th, 2022 /Carlton Digital/ -- Carlton Digital, a new marketplace [...]

Studio Carlton Launches Spanish-Language Alexa Skill

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Studio Carlton Launches Prueba Psíquica de tarjeta Zener, Its First Spanish-Language Alexa Skill ATLANTA, December 9, 2020 /StudioCarlton/ -- Studio Carlton, producers and developers in voice skill entertainment, today announced the launch [...]

The Brilliance of Alexa Skills!

The Voice Age is here!  This is the most innovative, engaging use of technology that every business and professional will soon be utilizing.  Without a doubt, Alexa Skills are the most personal way to attract potential customers and clients.

Alexa is the smart home and office  voice-activated, data-driven skill that operates on all Amazon Echo devices. Users can enable the Alexa Skills manually or by speaking a command to Alexa.

Google Home has its own skills base as well, but Amazon holds 76% of market share, so focus primarily on Alexa Skills.

We’re proud to have successfully developed and launched several interactive Alexa Skills for our clients and ourselves.

Alexa Skills Prediction

  1. Amazon is making it easy and convenient for users to make purchases through Alexa Skills.
  2. More and more companies will soon replace conventional emails and use the popular Alexa Flashbriefings.  We set up AYRIAL Flashbriefings and direct users to an web transcript which includes all the pertinent links for users to quickly grab.
  3. Major and small companies will create Alexa Skills solely for corporate meetings, financial discussions.  Yes, you can have a private only Alexa Skill!


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