The newly curated NFT collection combines a 19th-century Female Presidential Candidate with the digital world for a unique art experience

ATLANTA, November 7th, 2022 /Carlton Digital/ — Carlton Digital, a new marketplace for unique and authentic digital and audio collectibles, announced today the drop of its latest NFT collection, “Victoria Woodhull Treasures.” The collection is curated by Victoria lynn Weston, producer/director of the PBS featured documentary,  America’s Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull. Victoria Woodhull was the first woman to run for US President in 1872.

In collaboration with creator Carlton Digital, “Victoria Woodhull Treasures” will be available starting November 14th. This NFT launch consists of archival images of Victoria Woodhull  presented in a detailed gold cameo style frame on one side.  On the reverse side features an original quote from one of Victoria Woodhull’s fiery speeches.  The Cameo ornaments with Victoria Woodhull images are digital versions designed with a goal to make these historical artworks accessible to a broader audience, including both the NFT and art collectors.

“We’re incredibly excited to unveil ‘Victoria Woodhull Treasures’, a creative project that sets ‘history with the digital age’ and allows us to share the amazing life journey of Victoria Woodhull, the first woman to run for US President in 1872 and to further connect with individuals of all ages,” said Victoria lynn Weston, Producer/Director and creator of “Victoria Woodhull Treasures”.

The “Victoria Woodhull Treasures” will be available in three volumes:  the 1st series will consist of three ornaments. Another series of five ornaments with unique Woodhull quotes to launch in January 2023. The final series of seven ornaments will be launched by March 2023.

Please visit the or to learn more about “Victoria Woodhull Treasures”.

“I’d like to give a shout-out to Connor Borrego who I had the pleasure of interviewing for my podcast, The Intuitive Edge to discuss the NFT space.  Connor was my inspiration to launch the Victoria Woodhull Treasures,”  says Victoria lynn Weston. “If you are considering launching your own NFTs or being a collector, consider connecting with Connor Borrego for assistance.”

The PBS featured documentary, “America’s Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull” is also an Alexa Skill!  Just ask Alexa, “Open America’s Victoria”.  You can listen to audio excerpts from Gloria Steinem, and other historians.  Listen to quotes from Victoria Woodhull’s fiery speeches and more!  Click to review the Amazon summary page.


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