Award-Winning Producer and Director Launches Fundraising Campaign for Independent Supernatural Drama “Through the Glass”


Atlanta, Georgia – Visionary filmmaker Victoria lynn Weston, acclaimed for her recent film short “Free Lover,” about the trailblazing Victoria Woodhull, the first woman to campaign for U.S. President in 1872, is excited to unveil her latest project, “Through the Glass.” This groundbreaking supernatural drama, based on a true-life event, promises to captivate audiences with its unique storyline that challenges perceptions of life after death.

“Through the Glass” delves into the mysterious journey triggered when a popular psychic’s friend seeks a prediction about the impending death of a frail companion, sparking an otherworldly event that defies conventional understanding. Victoria lynn Weston, producer and director, brings her creative prowess to this project, ensuring a cinematic experience like no other.

Victoria Lynn Weston’s recent work includes the critically acclaimed film short “Free Lover,” which explores the life of Victoria Woodhull, a trailblazer who made history as the first woman to campaign for U.S. President in 1872. Weston’s commitment to telling stories that challenge societal norms and celebrate historical figures who pushed boundaries is evident in her diverse body of work.

To bring this unique film short to life, Victoria lynn Weston is calling on film enthusiasts, supporters of independent films, and those who appreciate groundbreaking storytelling to contribute to the crowdfunding campaign. Donations will play a crucial role in covering production costs, enabling the film to reach its full potential.

Exciting Perks Await Supporters:

  1. Movie Credit: Ignite the Excitement!
    • Donors will have the unique opportunity to get their name in the movie credits, forever becoming a part of cinematic history.
  2. Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Access: Dive into the Making of “Through the Glass”
    • Contributors will receive exclusive access to behind-the-scenes content, including interviews with the cast and crew, set tours, and sneak peeks into the creative process.
  3. Private Screening Invitation: Be Among the First to Experience the Supernatural Drama
    • High-tier contributors will receive an invitation to a private screening of “Through the Glass,” offering an intimate and exclusive first look at this groundbreaking film.

Supporters can make a difference by visiting the crowdfunding campaign page, where they can contribute and choose from a variety of exciting perks based on their level of support.

Victoria lynn Weston is known for her ability to craft compelling narratives that resonate with audiences worldwide. With “Through the Glass,” she aims to push the boundaries of storytelling and deliver a supernatural drama that challenges perceptions and leaves a lasting impact.

Join us on this extraordinary journey and be a part of bringing “Through the Glass” to the silver screen. Your support will make a significant difference in the success of this independent film.

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About Victoria lynn Weston

Victoria lynn Weston is an award-winning producer and director known for her PBS featured documentary, “America’s Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull” that included interviews with historians and Gloria Steinem. Actress Kate Capshaw performed the voice-over of Woodhull’s own words. Her recent work includes the film short “Free Lover,” exploring the life of Victoria Woodhull, the first woman to campaign for U.S. President in 1872. “Through the Glass” is her latest project, a supernatural drama set to redefine the boundaries of cinematic storytelling. Victoria is also a professional intuitive business consultant.

About “Through the Glass”

“Through the Glass” is an independent supernatural drama directed and produced by Victoria lynn Weston. Based on a true-life event, the film explores the otherworldly consequences of a psychic’s prediction about the impending death of a frail companion. The story challenges conventional beliefs about life after death and promises an unforgettable cinematic experience. Contribute today!