ATLANTA, December 30th, 2022 /Studio Carlton/  In 2023 it’s time for your brand and business to engage audiences on a voice platform, known as voice assistants.  Today there are a variety of voice devices, but Amazon Echo Devices has the lead.

You’ve probably already engaged with Alexa to play a song, find a restaurant or test your ESP skills with “Are You Psychic?”  In addition, our voice assistants wake us up with a few of our own words.   On the road, BMW, and now in 2023 Toyota and Lexus vehicles will now come equipped with Google Cloud, allowing natural voice commands and access to information even if you’re driving out of normal connection range.

According to the WSJ, some researchers even predict we’ll be having conversations with our smart devices, as our one-line queries prompt AI-fueled responses intended to refine searches and commands. Voice activation will also advance to start recognizing individual voices—and tailoring responses and even voice tones to the user. Of course, all of this means sharing even more personal data with Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s Bixby, or whoever’s cloud contains the artificial intelligence behind your speaker. So watch your language.

Engaging and expanding your audience on Amazon Echo Devices with Alexa is easier than you think, contact Studio Carlton to see how they can create an engaging platform for you to interact with your audience and sell your products!


Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the Studio Carlton team is an awesome group of visionaries from the film, television, and technology fields who have a passion for developing interactive voice skills to make it easier for business owners, professionals, authors to participate and engage their audience on Amazon Alexa.

Studio Carlton is focused on producing high-quality, interactive Alexa Skills, Voice Apps from concept to delivery that can now include streaming videos for Amazon Echo Show Devices.  Ready to VOICE your brand?

In addition, Carlton Digital focuses on the creation of unique NFTs to release for sale authentic, original digital artwork, ensuring rarity and ownership for both creators and collectors.