Studio Carlton

Studio Carlton is a group of visionaries, experienced voice designers and Alexa Skill developers. We are passionate about creating compelling, conversational skills that include visual presentations & streaming video/audio for companies and professionals to engage their audience on the innovative Amazon voice platform.

Studio Carlton is focused on producing high-quality Alexa Skills from concept to delivery.

Today Amazon Alexa Skills are an essential business tool that provides an opportunity to rise above all the noise of the digital world and engage your audience in a rich, interactive platform.  To be competitive in business twenty years ago, you needed a website.  Today, you need to have an Alexa Skill!

Studio Carlton can save you thousands dollars on development, production, and implementation.  Parties interested in learning how Studio Carlton can develop your own custom Alexa Skills for business brand messaging,  or to promote your book,  can reach out to Studio Carlton at partner@studiocarlton.

Did you know?

According to RBC Capital Markets predicted that by 2020, Alexa device installations could reach 128 million!

In addition, Amazon announced a new partnership with Microsoft.  Soon, Alexa Skills will be searchable on the Windows 10’s Cortana app and Cortana searches will be searchable on Alexa. Devices using Windows 10 account for a staggering half-billion users worldwide, so if you’re an entrepreneur looking to expand your business’ marketing efforts and want to get in on one of the fastest-growing media platforms, this may prove to be a game-changer.

If you do not have a voice-activated, data-driven device yet, you can get one here.

Meet the Studio Carlton Team!