Studio Carlton Announces Sponsorship of Zoe Films’ Short Film “Through The Glass”: A Cinematic Exploration of Life After Death

Atlanta, Georgia / February 2024 – Studio Carlton, a leading creative studio, is thrilled to announce its sponsorship of the upcoming short film “Through The Glass” by Zoe Films. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Studio Carlton in supporting projects that delve into unique perspectives on life after death, offering valuable insights and enriching narratives to audiences worldwide.

About “Through The Glass”:

“Through The Glass” is a thought-provoking short film that transcends conventional storytelling, offering a unique lens into the realms beyond life. Zoe Films, recognized for their innovative storytelling, aims to provide audiences with a visual and emotional journey that challenges perceptions and sparks contemplation.

Why This Film Matters:

The narrative presented in “Through The Glass” is a poignant exploration of life’s mysteries, opening a dialogue about what lies beyond our mortal existence. Studio Carlton recognizes the importance of supporting projects that contribute to the cinematic landscape, providing audiences with a fresh perspective on the age-old question of life after death. If you would like to support the film by making a donation toward production costs, GoFundMe and help Ignite the Passion!

Studio Carlton’s Commitment to Innovative Storytelling:

As a creative studio committed to pushing boundaries and embracing innovative narratives, Studio Carlton is proud to sponsor a project that aligns with its values. The studio believes in the power of storytelling to evoke emotions, provoke thought, and foster a deeper understanding of the human experience.

Impacts on Culture and Conversation:

“Through The Glass” is poised to make a significant impact on cultural conversations surrounding life, death, and what may lie beyond. By supporting this film, Studio Carlton aims to contribute to a broader cultural dialogue, encouraging audiences to engage in meaningful conversations about the mysteries of existence.


Studio Carlton is excited about the sponsorship of “Through The Glass” and the film’s potential to leave a lasting impact on audiences worldwide. By supporting projects that challenge the status quo and encourage contemplation, Studio Carlton remains dedicated to fostering a creative landscape that pushes the boundaries of storytelling.

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About Studio Carlton:

Studio Carlton is a dynamic and innovative creative studio committed to transforming ideas into captivating visual experiences. With a focus on pushing the boundaries of storytelling, the studio collaborates with diverse creators to bring unique narratives to life.

About Zoe Films:

Zoe Films is a visionary film production company known for its commitment to telling stories that challenge perceptions and inspire contemplation. With a dedication to pushing the boundaries of cinematic storytelling, Zoe Films seeks to captivate audiences and spark meaningful conversations.  Zoe Films just completed FREE LOVER, a film short about Victoria Woodhull, the first woman to be nominated for US President in 1872.  The story, FREE LOVER is based on the PBS featured documentary, “America’s Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull.”