In partnership with Studio Carlton, producer/director Victoria Weston will Turn America’s Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull  Into an Engaging & Interactive Program for Alexa

The 90-minute PBS featured documentary, “America’s Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull” will be curated into an engaging and interactive Alexa Skill for Amazon Echo Devices.

Producer and Director, Victoria Weston wanted to utilize today’s data-driven, voice-activated technology to inject new life into a very interesting historical figure, Victoria Woodhull.

While most schoolchildren are familiar with the name of suffragette and women’s rights crusader Susan B. Anthony, Victoria Woodhull and her many groundbreaking accomplishments remain largely forgotten.  Fortunately, the future is here with Amazon Echo – Alexa technology. Amazon Alexa is an essential tool that is a more personable way to communicate, educate and engage audiences worldwide. According to recent research by eMarketer, an estimated 35.6 million Americans will use a voice-activated, data-driven device at least once a month in 2017.

In August, Microsoft and Amazon announced an initiative that will soon merge the search functions of both delivery systems. That means the audience potential is 510 MILLION Windows 10 and Amazon Echo device users.

Today, audiences prefer to get their information and entertainment from modern platforms.  The Victoria Woodhull Alexa Skill features over forty audio clips from “America’s Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull”  which includes interviews with Gloria Steinem, respected historians and actress Kate Capshaw, who performs Woodhull’s own words into bite-size audio clips for listeners to explore Victoria Woodhull’s themes during her lifetime – she was the first woman to run for US President in 1872 – her poverty stricken childhood, politics, her publishing success, hard times, and her final days in England – to showcase this documentary into a digital, user friendly entertainment medium.

Once you enable the “America’s Victoria” Alexa Skill;

victoria woodhull alexa skill

Alexa will provide you with three options:

  • “Would you like to ask a question or listen to fact of the day?”  Users can simply say, ‘fact of the day’ to hear historical facts via audio clips from “America’s Victoria” about Victoria Woodhull’s life including her Presidential campaign.

Or,  you can ask Alexa a variety of questions about Victoria Woodhull:

  • Who was Victoria Woodhull?  How many husbands did Victoria Woodhull have? Why was she arrested?  When did she open brokerage offices on Wall Street?  What was the name of her newspaper?  What was her speech about to the House Judiciary Committee?  And, much more!

A Call-to-Action option:

  • Each audio clip includes a “call-to-action” – if you would like to watch the DVD of “America’s Victoria”, say, “Alexa, order America’s Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull.”

The Victoria Woodhull Alexa Skill presents the story of  Victoria Woodhull and her accomplishments, but hopefully will enlighten students to understand how far women have come and inspire them to reach even higher to achieve their goals.

Victoria lynn Weston, the writer, director and producer of “America’s Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull.” As founder of Zoie Films Festival, Victoria utilized the latest streaming technology to launch the first online film festival showcasing films from around the globe. She’s also a developer and distributor of mobile apps. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Victoria has been a interviewed by dozens of media outlets including; Atlanta Journal & Constitution, Atlanta PARADE magazine, ABC Talk Radio, CNBC, BUSINESS WEEK Online, Wired News and ABC’s NIGHTLINE.


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