Studio Carlton Releases “Victoria Speaking” Alexa Skill

Studio Carlton, a team of voice designers and developers of custom Amazon Alexa Skills, announced the release of, “Victoria Speaking” for users to engage with the CEO of Studio Carlton on Amazon Alexa devices.

With millions of users active on Alexa devices, “Victoria Speaking” makes it easy and convenient for users to get personal with the Founder and CEO of Studio Carlton, Victoria lynn Weston with simple voice commands, “Alexa, who is Victoria lynn Weston?”  And, other questions like, “do you like to cook?,  tell me a fun fact about you?, what does Studio Carlton do?”

“Studio Carlton utilizes innovative technology and is dedicated to producing and developing cutting-edge “hands-free, voice-activated” programs for ambitious professionals and business owners,”  says, Victoria lynn Weston.  “‘Victoria Speaking’ delivers a personalized experience with audio recorded answers to user questions in my own voice.”

Studio Carlton designs intuitive and interactive user experiences with Amazon Alexa Skills for professionals and business owners who want to raise their visibility, expand and interact with their audience on an innovative voice platform. The Studio Carlton portfolio includes authors, nutritionists, chefs, owners of Avocado Oil whose Alexa Skills include video, audio recorded content, a vast library of Alexa presented answers to users’ questions, and visuals using Alexa Presentation Language.

To launch “Victoria Speaking“, just say, “Alexa, open Victoria Speaking!” from your Amazon Echo device or Alexa App. 

”For professionals sitting on the sidelines about investing in an Alexa Skill, a type of skill like “Victoria Speaking” is a great entry level skill to turn everyday interactions into unique experiences,”  says Victoria lynn Weston.  “The future is here and it’s all about Voice.”


Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the Studio Carlton team is an awesome group of visionaries from the film, television, and technology fields who have a passion for developing interactive voice skills to make it easier for business owners, professionals, authors to participate and engage their audience on Amazon Alexa.

Studio Carlton is focused on producing high-quality, interactive Alexa Skills, Voice Apps from concept to delivery that can now include streaming videos for Amazon Echo Show Devices.  Ready to VOICE your brand?