Victoria Weston, President of Studio Carlton is Featured Guest on the “Voice Spark Live” Show

ATLANTA, April 2021/StudioCarlton/ — Nicholas Sawka, AJ Wool and Ben Falvo, hosts of the “Voice Spark Live Show” featured the President of Studio Carlton, developers of Amazon Alexa Skills on April 22nd.  The episode is currently available on “Voice Spark Live” YouTube Channel.

Featuring Victoria Weston, President of Studio Carlton, the “Voice Spark Live” episode highlights “Are You Psychic“, an entertaining Alexa Skill designed to help users develop their ESP. And, “America’s Victoria” Alexa Skill based on the PBS featured documentary about Victoria Woodhull, the first woman to run for US President in 1872.

“Unlike websites, voice platforms like Amazon Alexa are a great way to connect and engage users in a personal way,” explains Weston. “We were excited to develop an interactive game-like skill for users to test and develop their ESP with ‘Are Your Psychic?‘ hosted by British parapsychologist, Dr. Clair Voyant, who provides practical tips to keep users focused.”   

“Voice Spark Live’s” goal is to increase smart speaker usage through education and helping third-party developers succeed.” says Sawka, Host of the “Voice Spark Live“.We enjoy light conversations with Alexa Skill developers who want to share their inspiration for developing their engaging skills like “Are You Psychic” which is a fun and entertaining way for individuals to test their ESP.”

The “Voice Spark Live” show features weekly guests with the goal to share educational ways to access Amazon Alexa Skills as well as motivating business owners and professionals to learn the value of launching their own custom Alexa Skill!

“Are You Psychic?” Alexa Skill features newly designed Zener Cards which are randomly generated and presented in various two to five card spreads. Participants are encouraged to quickly “go with their first impression” and select what symbol the hidden card is; star, circle, waves, cross or square. There are unique sound effects for correct and in-correct answers. After participants play 5 various Zener Card spreads. British parapsychologist Dr. Clair Voyant presents a score, keeps track of High Scores and provides tips to keep participants to continue playing.

In the coming weeks, participants will be able to access Leaderboards and Tournament features to compete and win awards.

“Are You Psychic?” Alexa Skill supports English (US), English (IN), English (UK), English (CA) and English (AU), Spanish (MX) and Spanish (US).

To enable “Are You Psychic?,” on Amazon or grab the Quick Link below.


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Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the Studio Carlton team is an awesome group of visionaries from the film, television, and technology fields who have a passion for developing interactive voice skills to make it easier for business owners, professionals, authors to participate and engage their audience on Amazon Alexa.

Studio Carlton is focused on producing high-quality, interactive Alexa Skills, Voice Apps from concept to delivery that can now include streaming videos for Amazon Echo Show Devices.  Ready to VOICE your brand?



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