ALEXA Skills for Business: a New Podcast from Studio Carlton

(MediaQuire) Atlanta, GA / ALEXA Skills for Business is a new podcast presented by Studio Carlton that focuses on the future of Voice to show why every business, brand and personality needs their own custom ALEXA Skill.

Amazon’s Alexa Skills are essential tools that provide an innovative yet a more personable way to communicate, educate and engage audiences worldwide. According to recent research by eMarketer, an estimated 35.6 million Americans used a voice-controlled speaker such as Amazon Echo devices or Google Home at least once a month in 2017, a 128.9% increase over last year.

“ALEXA Skills for Business podcast wants to transform how people discover fresh, interactive content and to show companies, brands and personalities how to utilize this innovative technology to promote their products, services and engage their audience,” says, host and Founder of Studio Carlton, Victoria lynn Weston. “We kicked off our first podcast with Amazon Alexa Champion, Mark Carpenter who shared his vast knowledge of the inner workings of Alexa.”

The Alexa Skills for Business podcast will discuss well-known brands such as Purina, Tide, Johnny Walker who’ve taken the plunge in creating custom Alexa skill content to address what works and what doesn’t work on the Amazon voice platform.

“There is much to learn in today’s voice culture and companies interested in jumping on the bandwagon of Alexa will need to identify their own voice in this market to provide interactive information and reap the benefits of a well crafted call-to-action (CTA) that works on a voice platform,” says Victoria lynn Weston.

Authors and publishers will be encouraged to promote their books with their own custom Alexa Skill with a CTA to buy their books. OPRAH has a custom Alexa Skill to promote her book, “What I Know for Sure.”  She engages her audience by reading excerpts from her book and then has a well crafted call-to-action to buy the book by telling users to ask, “Alexa, order What I Know for Sure.”

Upcoming ALEXA Skills for Business episodes will cover such topics as;

  • How companies creatively use their custom Alexa Skills
  • Customized Alexa skills that empowers employees 
  • Bringing Alexa to Conference Rooms
  • Alexa Voice can Enable Your Products and Services or stream your podcast
  • Voice Commerce: a custom Alexa skill that makes it easy to include an “in-skill purchase, in-skill subscription.”
  • Private Alexa Skills

ALEXA Skills for Business podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Music.  You can also listen on

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The future of Voice is here!  If you are a business owner, author or brand, now is the time to take advantage to begin implementing your own custom Alexa Skills.

Soon, consumers around the globe will be expecting to interact with voice platforms, like Alexa and this provides a great opportunity for any professional to launch a voice experience so your audience can learn about products, services and to buy those services simply by asking Alexa questions.

Are you ready to launch a voice-activated Alexa Skill? 

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