Studio Carlton Adds Quick Links for Alexa to the AYRIAL Positive Living Alexa Skill

(MediaQuire)  Atlanta, GA / Studio Carlton, a  group of experienced voice designers and developers of the AYRIAL Positive Living Alexa Skill announce the creation of Amazon’s newest enhancement:  Quick Links.

Instead of users going to the Amazon Alexa store to “enable the Positive Living Alexa Skill,” we have now created a Quick Link which leads customers to a web page in a browser, on a computer or mobile device. After signing in, customers can easily launch our skill from the web or via an Alexa notification.  The skill can be launched on Echo (all versions), Echo Tap, Echo Dot (all versions), Echo Show (all versions), and Echo Spot.

Positive Living Alexa Skill Quick Link

AYRIAL Positive Living uses Quick Links to drive traffic from their website and social media accounts to their Alexa Skill.  Victoria lynn Weston, President said, “Alexa Quick Links is a game changer and it helps us engage more deeply with our audience in a much more seamless way.”

The AYRIAL Positive Living Alexa Skill also features Premium Content plan to make it easier for users to discover and access that content which in turn, helps them get more value from their Alexa devices. Instead of finding the premium content through voice, users can  purchase premium content through new In-Skill Purchasing (ISP) detail pages on and a tappable buy button on Echo screen devices.


AYRIAL is a body, mind and spirit association that features vetted lifestyle consultants including feng shui consultants, spiritual mediums, intuitive consultants, dreamwork practitioners and more.  Connect with one today on  And, the AYRIAL Positive Living Alexa Skill.


Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the Studio Carlton team is an awesome group of visionaries from the film, television, and technology fields who have a passion for developing interactive voice skills to make it easier for companies and organizations, as well as authors and individuals to participate and engage their audience on a voice platforms like Amazon Echo devices, Samsung Bixby and Google Home.

Studio Carlton is focused on producing high-quality, interactive Alexa Skills from concept to delivery that can now include streaming videos for Amazon Echo Show Devices. Visit