ALEXA Skills for Business Podcast: Guest Discusses My Better Nutrition Alexa Skill – ASB002

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(MediaQuire) Atlanta, GA / In this episode of ALEXA Skills for Business Podcast, Victoria talks with the Founder and CEO of My Better Nutrition, Ashley Koff, RD who shares her enthusiasm, the creative process and the practical approach to the production and development of  her first Alexa Skill:  My Better Nutrition.

Alexa is more than re-ordering paper towels — as convenient as Alexa makes that. Savvy brands are getting in on this marketing trend with their own content-based skills to continue the conversation  with their consumers.

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The My Better Nutrition Skill  presents  two exciting options to get better nutrition tips and answers: listen to a recorded Daily Tip presented by Ashley Koff, RD. And, you can also ask My Better Nutrition for better nutrition suggestions and answers to your health


Award-winning nutrition expert Ashley Koff, RD is leading the conversation on better nutrition for healthy living nationwide. A practitioner first, Koff has helped Hollywood celebrities, heads of state, executives, professional athletes as well as clients of all ages identify their better total nutrition choices to help them get their better health results. Her success and practical recommendations make her a media favorite expert. She frequently appears on local and national media outlets including, The Today Show, Dr. Oz Show, The Doctors, Fox & Friends, Entertainment Tonight, and Good Morning America. Koff’s tips appear in a wide range of magazines The Oprah Magazine, Dr. Oz magazine, Shape, Weight Watchers, Rachel Ray, Parenting, as well as The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. She was the featured on-air dietitian for 4 reality TV shows, co-host of the podcast “Take Out with Ashley & Robyn,” is the author of two books and several medical textbook chapters.

Ashley Koff, RD is the CEO & Founder of The Better Nutrition Program. She was educated at Duke University and New York University and trained at LA+USC and Columbus Children’s hospitals. She has completed integrative medicine coursework for certification as a certified clinical nutritionist (CCN). When not working, Koff enjoys relearning the trumpet, time with her labradoodle Rerun, and rooting for her favorite basketball teams (Duke & Cavs).

“Ashley Koff, RD. is a world class expert in nutrition and leader in her field who provides practical tips, and explains them so the audience remembers and can use her advice.” – Dr. Mehmet Oz, The Dr. Oz Show

“ Ashley is an instrumental player in the field of nutrition. I trust she will no doubt transform the industry.”Dr Andrew Weil

“Ashley is the most knowledgeable nutritionist that I have ever worked with. She really cares about her clients.“ Emily Deschanel, actress and producer of, TV series, Bones


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Soon, consumers around the globe will be expecting to interact with voice platforms, like Alexa and this provides a great opportunity for any professional to launch a voice experience so your audience can learn about products, services and to buy those services simply by asking Alexa questions.

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