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ATLANTA, January 2021 /StudioCarlton/ — Today, there are currently thousands of Amazon Alexa Skills.  Searching through the gravel to find a few golden skills isn’t easy, we believe the following stand out from the crowd and are worth exploring!

ART MUSEUM: Art Museum allows you to discover artwork from around the world using your voice. Featuring a curated collection from the Art Institute of Chicago, this multimodal skill lets you explore the offerings of a world renowned Art Museum using simple language.  “Alexa, open art museum!”

MOONPIE MOONMATE: Hi roomie. I’m MoonPie MoonMate, your Outta This World roommate. I make it more fun to stay inside (which is where we all need to be for just a little while longer), because I’m something to talk to while you stare at the wall. You can ask me questions and we can chat about lots of stuff, even if it’s not MoonPies. “Alexa, launch MoonPie Moonmate!”

NASA MARS: Ever wonder what the rovers on Mars are doing? Here’s your chance to ask NASA Mars. Use the NASA Mars skill to learn about Mars and get the latest rover updates directly from NASA. Mission team members write the updates weekly. These short summaries let you keep tabs on what is happening at the Red Planet. You’ll find out if the rovers are driving, drilling, or snapping photos of interesting rock features. “Alexa, open NASA Mars.”

MY BETTER NUTRITION: Hi, I am dietitian Ashley Koff, your guide to better health powered by better nutrition. You and me, we want the same thing – better health – right? Better nutrition is key to better health, so I am thrilled to help you discover deliciously doable better nutrition choices at home or on the go. “Alexa, Open My Better Nutrition”

KLOVECHEF: The Klove Chef Skill on Amazon Alexa is your perfect personal cooking assistant. It is a most intuitive, naturally conversational and the best companion for cooking your favorite recipes. Pick the recipe from Klove’s ever-growing list of recipes that are exclusive and hand picked by our partners from various food brands and cookbooks. Klove not only talks through the recipes, it also can customize or personalize it for you to meet your needs for taste and diet. “Alexa, ask Klove Chef how to cook baked cheese”.

POSITIVE LIVING: Positive Living presents motivational daily tips to help boost your productivity and to help you get out of that slump presented by AYRIAL’s vetted lifestyle consultants, who are among the world’s leading experts in the areas of; feng shui, intuitive consulting, health & wellness practitioners, dream experts and more!

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Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the Studio Carlton team is an awesome group of visionaries from the film, television, and technology fields who have a passion for developing interactive voice skills to make it easier for business owners, professionals, authors to participate and engage their audience on Amazon Alexa.

Studio Carlton is focused on producing high-quality, interactive Alexa Skills, Voice Apps from concept to delivery that can now include streaming videos for Amazon Echo Show Devices.  Ready to VOICE your brand?