AYRIAL News Alexa skill enables listeners to hear healthy lifestyle news including streaming podcasts


(MediaQuire) AYRIAL announced today that it has partnered with Studio Carlton to develop AYRIAL News, an Alexa Skill for AYRIAL to deliver news and streaming podcasts via Amazon Echo devices.  Individuals can listen to AYRIAL News’ healthy lifestyle content with a simple voice command: “Alexa, what’s my news.” Alexa will stream  AYRIAL’s recorded headlines and featured podcasts.

“Amazon Alexa voice-activated, data-driven devices have exploded in popularity this year with sales exceeding 10 million in the U.S. Last week, Amazon announced a partnership with Microsoft that will allow the Amazon Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana to summon content on both platforms, expanding the reach of both devices to more than 500 million potential users. The future is here with interactive devices and we see the audience potential in this distribution platform,” said Victoria lynn Weston, President and Founder of AYRIAL. “To be competitive in business twenty years ago, you needed a website. Today Amazon Alexa Skills are an essential business tool that provides an opportunity to rise above all the noise of the digital world and engage your audience in a rich, interactive platform.”

In AYRIAL News, you’ll hear the latest news on astrology, meditation, ream analysis including ;

  • One Minute Intuition, you’ll get stories from individuals and business leaders who share their intuitive decision success stories in 60-seconds.
  • In Feng Shui Holidays, you’ll hear feng shui tips to plan the perfect holiday with friends and family.
  • In AYRIAL Featured Podcast, you’ll hear lively interviews with professionals who are great leaders, creators & intuitive thinkers!

Enable AYRIAL News Alexa Skill for free via Amazon to listen to a lively conversation with Dr. Monte Sachs, a former equine veterinarian who became the founder and owner of the Catskill Distilling Company, a multi-million dollar micro-distiller located next door to the site of the historic Woodstock Music Festival in Bethel, New York. Monte shares his journey and discusses what it takes to create the perfect blend of spirits like Peace Vodka, Curious Gin, Righteous Burbon and Wicked White Whiskey.

“At AYRIAL, we love utilizing the latest technologies, especially when it fits so conveniently into our home and office,” says Weston.  “We will continue to surprise and delight our audience with additional interactive features for AYRIAL News later this year.”

Enable AYRIAL News Alexa Skill for free by visiting: Amazon/AYRIAL News Flash

To learn more about AYRIAL, visit AYRIAL.com to connect with exceptional lifestyle consultants to enhance your way of living.  And visit the brand’s social channels: TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

AYRIAL launches NewsFlash Alexa Skill with featured podcast for Amazon Echo! @catskilldistill @AYRIAL7

Studio Carlton

Based in Atlanta and San Francisco, Studio Carlton is a content developer group focused on creating interactive programs for companies and individuals to deliver to engaging messaging, including streaming podcasts for voice-activated, data-driven platforms for Amazon Echo devices and Google Home. With Amazon partnering with Microsoft Cortana, the combined audience potential is 510 million homes.  If you do not have a voice-activated, data-driven device yet, you can get one here.

Parties interested in learning how Studio Carlton can work with their business to develop custom Alexa Skills for Amazon Echo or Google Home can reach out to Studio Carlton at partner@studiocarlton.

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AYRIAL is a new kind of body, mind and spirit association that features vetted feng shui consultants,  astrologers, authentic spiritual mediums, dream experts, meditation teachers and life coaches. In addition to their online presence, AYRIAL utilize’s the latest technology to make it easy for users to connect with a lifestyle consultant and to showcase exclusive content via smartphones using the AYRIAL app available on iTunes and Google Play as well as voice-activated, data-driven platforms like Amazon Alexa. In addition to AYRIAL Feng Shui, AYRIAL will also be releasing new Alexa skills soon!

AYRIAL was founded by intuitive business consultant and entrepreneur, Victoria lynn Weston in 2015.  She has produced smartphone apps and documentaries including the PBS featured documentary about the first woman who ran for US president in 1872, Victoria Woodhull.   America’s Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull  features interviews with historians and Gloria Steinem. In 2015, she turned the documentary into engaging mixtapes for iPad users to watch a condensed version.  She’s been interviewed on dozens of radio, television shows and print media including; the Atlanta PARADE magazine, The Atlanta Business Journal, ABC Talk Radio; CNBC; BUSINESS WEEK Online; INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE, WIRED NEWS, THE NEW YORK TIMES and ABC’s Nightline.

To learn more visit: AYRIAL.com   and AYRIAL.com/fengshui