Bringing a PBS Featured Documentary to VOICE

Zoie Films and Studio Carlton teamed up to turn a film/video documentary into an engaging, interactive voice platform to showase the story of Victoria Woodhull, the first woman to campaign for US President.  The PBS featured documentary, “America’s Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull” has been given a new life as a multi-modal Alexa Skill.

We were excited to introduce  “America’s Victoria” to the millions of Americans who own an Amazon Alexa device. Every month, Amazon reports that there are billions of clicks on Alexa content – and the audience grows larger every day!

We’re on top of Amazon’s multi-modal voice experiences and entered “America’s Victoria” into the Amazon Multi-Modal Challenge. We make it our priority to follow Amazon’s lead who is constantly updating the way voice experiences – Alexa Skills are presented on all Amazon devices, such as Echo Dot, Echo Show, FireTV and tablets.

Together, we created “America’s Victoria” interactive Alexa Skill – to showcase the increditable life of Victoria Woodhull, a rags to riches story that will truly inspire.  Users can listen to excerpts of Woodhull’s firey speeches presented by actress Kate Capshaw, audio interviews from esteemed professors and feminist icon, Gloria Steinem.  And, soon, we’ll be adding video clips.  We also include a CTA to make it easy for users to purchase the full documentary on DVD straight from Amazon.  Users can simply say, “Alexa, order America’s Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull.

The “America’s Victoria” Alexa Skill leverages Amazon APL – Alexa Presentation Language to present vibrant visuals displayed perfectly across a variety of Amazon screen devices.   Learn more!


From the Audience

 “I was inspired to enable America’s Victoria, and was thrilled to discover a treasure chest of wonderful stories, facts, speeches and visuals I could enjoy on our Echo Show. There’s so much engaging information, wonderfully organized, great sound effects! I look forward to the day this Skill is available in schools.”

– S. Myers, an Amazon Reviewer


Get a Fact. Hear a Quote. Ask Alexa. 

The “America’s Victoria” Alexa Skill is an interactive history lesson about the first woman who ran for US President in 1872!

“America’s Victoria” features over forty audio clips from “America’s Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull” which includes interviews with Gloria Steinem, respected historians and actress Kate Capshaw delivered in bite-size audio clips for users to explore Victoria Woodhull’s themes during her lifetime – she was the first woman to run for US President in 1872 – her poverty stricken childhood, politics, her publishing success, hard times, and her final days in England – to showcase this documentary into a digital, user friendly, voice-activated, entertainment platform.

Or, you can choose to “Ask a Question” such as;

– “Who is Victoria Woodhull?”

– “Was Victoria Woodhull the first woman to address Congress?”

– “Who nominated Victoria Woodhull for President?”

– “What did Victoria Woodhull campaign on?”

– “Why was Victoria Woodhull arrested?”

Echo Show devices displays a background image, scrolling text, title and Alexa icon.

Enable on or simply say, “Alexa, open ‘America’s Victoria” from your Amazon Echo device. 

From the Audience!

“… the Victoria Woodhull Alexa Skill is very nice. I enjoy interactive audio clips and wiki style questions/answers. If you’ve never watched the documentary on Victoria Woodhull, this makes for great, entertaining info. I hope high school teachers introduce the Victoria Woodhull story to their students. She was quite the trail blazer.”

– Tao An, an Amazon Reviewer


Listen to excerpts that highlights Victoria Woodhull’s life and presidential campaign.  With the skill enabled, you can say, “Tell Me a Fact” to hear audio clips from the “America’s Victoria” documentary about Victoria Woodhull’s life including her Presidential campaign.

Each Alexa presented “Tell me a Fact” features archival images against a backdrop image and title.

Studio Carlton created a horizontal ouch screen navigation bar for participants to “voice” or “touch screen” to hear an excerpt from Victoria Woodhull’s firey speeches.

To “Hear a Quote” from one of Victoria Woodhull’s fiery speeches, say, “Hear a Quote or Pick a Quote.” You’ll hear quotes about;

– Free Love
– Because I Am a Woman
– Overthrow this Bogus Government

Enable on or simply say, “Alexa, open ‘America’s Victoria” from your Amazon Echo device. 

Review from “America’s Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull” documentary:

“If you spliced the genes of Hillary Clinton, Madonna, Heidi Fleiss and Margaret Thatcher, you might have someone like Victoria Woodhull. “

– Atlanta Journal & Constitution

victoria woodhull alexa skill

Our Design Process

Designing for Different Devices

Amazon has a variety  of devices that can display Alexa Skills.  And, of course we wanted to feature our skill on all of them! We followed Amazon’s standards in creating a visual design to implement Alexa Presentation Language. The Studio Carlton team designed an interactive voice-activated, visual skill experience to display on Amazon’s devices including, Spot, Echo Show and FireTV.

Order America’s Victoria DVD!


We made it easy for users to order the DVD “America’s Victoria”.   Throughout the Alexa Skill, we included a CTA to promote and encourage the sale of the PBS featured documentary, “America’s Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull.”   Just simply say, “Alexa, order ‘America’s Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull.”

Amazon places the requested DVD into your cart, you can checkout anytime.

America's Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull DVD

America’s Victoria, Alexa & the Socials!

Once the “America’s Victoria” Alexa Skill was certified and LIVE in the Amazon Alexa Skills store, we didn’t stop there.  The Studio Carlton team created a mini promotional campaign to let the world know about AYRIAL’s “Positive Living” Alexa skill.

We started with a press release to announce the awesome launch  and admission into Amazon’s Alexa Skill Challenge “America’s Victoria” Alexa Skill that was distributed online and social media outlets.  Our graphics team created several captivating social media graphics highlighting the skill to share on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Victoria Woodhull Alexa Skill

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