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Since buying a 40 acre avocado farm near San Diego, the Founder of Bella Vado Avocado Oil, Corinne Da Silva and her family have been all hands on deck producing avocado oil for consumers and retailers nationally! Bella Vado pure avocado oil is their top selling favorite product, but they also have Butter, Jalapeno Flavored avocado oil. Bella Vado is pure avocado oil unlike the competition that often adds fillers to their avocado oil. Its exquisite texture and luscious, bold taste make it undeniably the most splendid oil for the most discerning chefs of all skill levels. Perfect for the amateur and experienced chef!

Corinne Da Silva previously had a successful career in the technology industry and was thrilled about the opportunity to connect with new Amazon customers with a custom Bella Vado Alexa Skill. Easy, right?

Studio Carlton teamed up with Corinne Da Silva to create a conversational Bella Vado Alexa Skill to engage consumers and share conversational healthy benefits of avocado oil along with useful company information.

Corinne Da Saliva wants everyone to know that Bella Vado Avocado Oil has several Certifications and Awards including, Good Food Awards, USDA Certified Organic, Non GMO Certified, San Diego Grown 365. They have also been selected by the USDA to participate in setting CODEX standards world-wide for Extra Virgin Avocado Oil which is a valuable and honored position.

For the Bella Vado Alexa Skill, Studio Carlton included images, daily audio recorded tips and Alexa responses to participants questions. Included the ability to capture revenue through the purchase of Bella Vado products. Every segment includes a closing CTA offering participants additional information sent via text message with weblink. And, to personalize the Alexa conversation, Alexa greets them by their name. How cool is that?

Bella Vado California Avocado Oil

“Studio Carlton did an amazing job in creating, designing and developing our Bella Vado Alexa Skill.  They presented a clear plan of how everything was going to be done and went well beyond expectations. This type of direction and planning in absolutely invaluable for a busy entrepreneur.”

– Corinne Da Silva, Founder of Bella Vado



Daily Tips, Ask Alexa Questions, Alexa Greeting & APL

The Bella Vado Alexa Skill presents the delicious uses and healthy benefits of pure avocado oil.   

Launch the skill by saying, “Alexa, open Bella Vado!” from any Amazon Echo device or enable on Amazon.  Personalization is everything, so we  wanted Alexa to greet participants by their name.   

To listen to daily audio recorded tips, “Alexa, open Bella Vado, give me the daily tip!” Hear tips on “how is avocado oil processed, Learn about avocado nutrients, What does avocado oil taste like?”

You can ask Alexa such questions as, “What are the health benefits of avocado oil? Is Bella Vado avocado oil organic? How is avocado oil processed?”

We believe in continuing the conversation beyond Alexa and offer participants a call-to-action.  At the end of each audio recorded tip and Alexa presented answer, Alexa offers participants the option to receive a text message with pertinent information via weblink. The weblink opens up a specific webpage on the website.

bella vado alexa skill key features

Alexa Personalization

“Personalization is everything!  The Studio Carlton team personalizes your Alexa Skill experience with a friendly greeting, ‘Hi Kelly, welcome back. Would you like to hear the Bella Vado Daily Tip or Ask a Question?'”


Alexa Presentation Language 

The Studio Carlton team utilized Amazon Presentation Language, (APL) to design a scalable visual-voice experience that displays perfectly on Amazon Echo Devices from FireTV down to the circular 3” Echo Spot displays. We followed Amazon’s standards to develop a visual design that complements the voice-activated experience.

And, there’s one other key feature!


“You can order Bella Vado Avocado Oil straight from Alexa!

‘Alexa, order Bella Vado Avocado Oil!’

And, just like that, Amazon places a bottle in your cart!”

Avocado Oil, Alexa & the Socials!

Once the Bella Vado Alexa Skill passes Amazon certification and is LIVE  in the Amazon Alexa Skills store, we didn’t stop there.  The Studio Carlton team created a mini promotional campaign to let the world know about the Bella Vado Alexa skill.

We wrote a press release to announce the launch the Bella Vado Alexa Skill that was distributed online and social media outlets.  The Studio Carlton graphics team created custom social graphics that were published and shared on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Bella Vado Alexa Quick Links

Listen to an audio clip with Corinne DaSilva’s from the AYRIAL TalkTime Podcast!

The future of VOICE is here!  Are you ready to  learn how an Alexa Skill can expand your brand and engage your audience to build long lasting customer relationships?  Contact us today!


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