We Love Food.  We Love Nutrition.

We were thrilled when Abbie Gellman, a Chef and Registered Dietitian chose us to develop her Alexa Skill.

Abbie is a member of the Science Advisory Board for Jenny Craig, providing ongoing cutting-edge counsel to update the education and lifestyle strategies of the company. She is a spokesperson, recipe and product developer, and educator. Abbie creates, produces, and hosts cooking and nutrition videos and works with a wide variety of food companies, foodservice operators, health professionals. She also contributes to many publications and her first cookbook, The Mediterranean DASH Diet.

Studio Carlton unleashes a combination of creativity, passion and intuitive thinking to develop Alexa Skills. For Abbie’s Culinary Nutrition, we included vibrant images, streaming audio and video recipes. And, to surprise and delight participants, Alexa greets them by their name.

Studio Carlton Team

“We flexed our design & production muscles in the creation of Abbie’s Culinary Nutrition Alexa Skill. No small detail was left undone.”

– Victoria lynn Weston, Founder of Studio Carlton



How To Tips, Ask Food & Nutrition Questions, Video Recipes

Abbie’s Culinary Nutrition offers three interactive ways to explore food, nutrition and recipes.

Participants can listen to the daily “How To” tip to learn how to; dice an onion, how to get those beautiful red berries out of a pomegranate, how to make the perfect filet mignon and much more!

We wanted Chef Abbie’s skill to be entertaining, informative and practical, so we included a variety of user questions with Alexa responses about food and nutrition.  Participants can ask Alexa a variety of questions such as;  What is Mise en Place? , What is sautéing?,  How do I defrost poultry? How do I fix a dish that’s too spicy? and more!

If you’re a foodie and enjoy healthy eating, you’ll like how we feature a “touch-screen navigation” to scroll and click to select a video recipe. And, Alexa will also offer to send you a weblink with the full text of the recipe straight to your mobile device!



Pick a Recipe!

Users can explore Abbie’s Culinary Nutrition Recipes on Amazon Echo Show or FireTV or Voice Search a “recipe by name” or ask Alexa to “tell me a recipe” or “find me a recipe.”

Users will be able to voice select a recipe through “touch screen scrolling.”   Featured recipes including:

– Salmon Cakes with Lemon Crema
– Crispy Chicken Thighs
– Pistachio Pesto
– Cauliflower Tabbouleh
– Roast Chicken with Sweet Potatoes

For Echo Dot devices, users will hear the entire recipe and Alexa will offer to send them a text message with weblink to the recipe!  This makes it easy to store and refer to a printed copy.

Healthy Food, Alexa & a Little P.R.

Once Abbie’s Culinary Nutrition Alexa Skill was certified and LIVE in the Amazon Alexa Skills store, we didn’t stop there.  The Studio Carlton team created a mini promotional campaign to let the world know about Abbie’s Alexa skill.

We started with a press release to announce the awesome launch Abbie’s Culinary Nutrition Alexa Skill to be distributed online and social media outlets.  Our graphics team created engaging social graphics highlighting delicious recipes that were published and shared on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

The future of VOICE is here!  Are you ready to  learn how an Alexa Skill can expand your brand and engage your audience to build long lasting customer relationships?  Contact us today!


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