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AYRIAL and Studio Carlton teamed up to embrace the challenge; to create the ultimate voice platform or stay with the traditional website.  The best designed website can only take you so far.  So, we gambled on VOICE!

We wanted to be apart of the growing voice trend: 39 million Americans own a smart speaker, with a third of those homes using Alexa-enabled devices. Every month, Amazon reports that there are billions of clicks on Alexa content – that’s huge!

We’re on top of Amazon’s multi-modal voice experiences and entered AYRIAL’s “Positive Living” Skill into the Amazon Multi-Modal Challenge. We make it our priority to follow Amazon’s lead who is constantly updating the way voice experiences – Alexa Skills are presented on all Amazon devices, such as Echo Dot, Echo Show, FireTV and tablets.

Together, we created the first body, mind and spirit Alexa Skill, “Positive Living”– to offer detailed vetted lifestyle consultant profiles, inspirational and motivational audio recorded daily tips, voice search and Alexa responses to participant questions for screen and voice only devices.

The AYRIAL “Positive Living” Alexa skill leverages Amazon APL – Alexa Presentation Language to present vibrant visuals displayed perfectly across a variety of Amazon screen devices.   Learn more!


From the Audience

 “Positive Living” is comprehensive, engaging skill that enriches your life.

– An Amazon Reviewer


Motivational Tips. Ask Alexa. Voice Search.

The AYRIAL Positive Living Alexa Skill does it all!  If you’re looking for a little inspiration or need a motivational boost, you can listen to audio recorded “Daily Tips”.presented by AYRIAL vetted lifestyle consultants covering a variety of topics from spirituality to intuitive development to understanding dreams to feng shui.

You can ask Alexa such questions as; “What is feng shui?”, “Does everyone dream?”, “Who was the Oracle at Delphi?”, and more.

You can also VOICE search to find an AYRIAL vetted lifestyle consultant by area of expertise, by name, or by city or state.  Just say, “Alexa, can you recommend a feng shui expert in Texas?”, “Can you find me a dream practitioner?”, “Is there someone who does automatic handwriting?” You can find more example questions on

At the end of each daily tip, Alexa responses and VOICE searches, Alexa will send particpants a weblink via text message to mobile devices.  When clicked, the weblink opens up a webpage presenting information about the lifestyle consultants’ featured content.

From an AYRIAL Vetted Lifestyle Consultant

 You’ve done it again AYRIAL! I love reaching my clients in this innovative voice platform.

– Sharon Wunder, Certified Feng Shui Practioner


Alexa In-Skill Purchases

When Amazon released in-skill purchasing (ISP), we were excited to assist AYRIAL Positive Living  with the implementation to conveniently offer their customers an upsell to  purchase premiumum content with just a voice conversation.

When a participant launches the Positive Living Alexa Skill, at any time during their interaction they can say, “what can I buy?”  Alexa will randomly offer one of the three program options;  Love and Relationships, Intuitive Development and Understanding Your Dreams.

If a customer likes the upsell, they proceed to a buy offer.  Alexa offers the first 7 days for free. Monthly subscriptions are offered for $9.99 per month.  Amazon handles the transcaction and returns the customer to their premium content purchase.  It’s a very smooth transaction. A customer can cancel at any time.

When you decide to have your own custom Alexa Skill, ISP is something to consider if you want to offer digital content to generate a revenue stream.   You can offer different types of premium content: One Time Purchases,  Consumables and Subscriptions.

Alexa Voice Experiences

 We follow Amazon’s best practices to produce and develop, intuitive voice experiences to engage users.


Our Design Process

Designing for Different Devices

Amazon has a variety  of devices that can display Alexa Skills.  And, of course we wanted to feature our skill on all of them! We followed Amazon’s standards in creating a visual design to implement Alexa Presentation Language. The Studio Carlton team designed an interactive voice-activated, visual skill experience to display on Amazon’s devices including, Spot, Echo Show and FireTV.

Amazon Alexa Quick Link!

We implemented Amazon Alexa Quick Links to improve discovery and acquire users for our skill. With Quick Links for Alexa, users can launch and use the “Positive Living” Alexa skill immediately on an Alexa device with a single click and not worry about remembering the right invocation phrase to say to Alexa. We use quick links on the AYRIAL website, social media and emails to ultimately drive discovery and instant engagement with our skill.

Amazon Alexa Quick Link leads users to a web page in a browser, on a computer or mobile device. After signing in, customers can choose to launch your skill from the web or via an Alexa notification. Skills can be launched on Echo (all versions), Echo Tap, Echo Dot (all versions), Echo Show (all versions), and Echo Spot.  Try it  yourself, click the image to the right and see what happens!

Positive Living, Alexa & the Socials!

Once the “Positive Living” Alexa Skill was certified and LIVE in the Amazon Alexa Skills store, we didn’t stop there.  The Studio Carlton team created a mini promotional campaign to let the world know about AYRIAL’s “Positive Living” Alexa skill.

We started with a press release to announce the awesome launch “Positive Living” Alexa Skill that was distributed online and social media outlets.  Our graphics team created several captivating social media graphics highlighting the skill to share on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

The future of VOICE is here!  Are you ready to  learn how an Alexa Skill can expand your brand and engage your audience to build long lasting customer relationships?  Contact us today!


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