Project Description


Want to be more productive when driving or doing chores? On the ‘last page’ but need to send the kids to school? Need to give your eyes a relax? ‘My Reader’ easily reads any online article for you.

By using cutting-edge text recognition technology, ‘My Reader’ can effortlessly recognize the text part online and read to you naturally. It can be used when you are cooking, commuting or doing other chores. This skill will revolutionize your lifestyle, giving your time back to “read” by ear, and set your eyes for free.

*** First-time user ***

Before start, you need to register your phone number. So that when you send us the article, we know it’s you. Here is how to do that:

1. Launch the skill: “ Alexa, open My Reader”. You will hear an one-time 5-letter registration code, like: ABCDE. The registration code is also available in the Amazon Alexa App on your phone.
2. Send the registration code to 619-473-2337 (6194READER). You will receive “Your number is successfully registered!” if success.
3. Done!


*** How to use – Quick Start ***

1. Send the URL to 619-473-2337 (6194READER) from your phone by following steps for different browsers on your phone:

2. In a few seconds, you will receive message with an article index number, total chapter count and the article title.

3. Launch the skill:
“ Alexa, ask My Reader to read. ”

*** How to use – Detail ***

Launch to main menu:
“ Alexa, open My Reader. ”

Launch to read the latest article you send:
“ Alexa, ask My Reader to read latest. ”
“ Alexa, ask My Reader to read latest by chapter. ”

Launch to read certain article or chapter:
“ Alexa, ask My Reader to read article 3. ”
“ Alexa, ask My Reader to read article 3 by chapter”
“ Alexa, ask My Reader to read article 3 chapter 2. ”

In main menu, you can list all your unread new article titles.
“ List. ”

Or read certain article or chapter:
“ Read article 3. ”
“ Read article 3 by chapter”
“ Read article 3 chapter 2. ”

Of cause you can always get help by saying:
“ help ”

Exist at any time:
“Alexa, stop. ”

*** From Developer ***

This beta version is so far only reading web pages or PDF file from URL that you send through SMS. In the coming version, you will be able to listen to Word file, Emails, and send them through Email or more other ways than SMS.