Amazon’s Alexa is the Next Essential Business Tool

The future is here, voice-activated, data-driven platforms are as vital to companies today as websites were twenty years ago.

Today, over 50-million homes have Amazon Echo Devices.  There are currently  a variety of built-in Alexa skills including; “Alexa, what is the weather forecast this weekend?  Alex, set timer for three minutes.  How many stars in the universe.  Alexa, play music.”

Studio Carlton builds custom Alexa Skills for you and your company that can range from answering questions about your company to offering daily tips such as meditation, motivational tips or Flash Briefing.  For example, Alexa’s abilities include playing music from multiple providers, answering questions, providing weather forecasts, and querying Wikipedia.

The Alexa Skills Kit lets you teach Alexa new skills. Customers can access these new abilities by asking Alexa questions or making requests. Studio Carlton’s team can help you build new Alexa Skills that provide users with engaging content and/or information to help you keep your audience engaged such as “News Flash”.  Together, we can build Alexa Skills to offer your audience a variety of abilities.