Twenty years ago, to be competitive in business, you needed to have a website.  Today, you need to have a custom Voice Platform.

VOICE Your Brand!

Voice Assistants like Amazon Echo are the fastest selling devices, with popularity soaring as consumers become more engaged.

Amazon Alexa Voice provides an interactive, hands-free conversation without getting a cramped neck querying your smartphone or being tethered to your desktop.

Whether you are looking to educate or motivate, offer services, or provide a seamless platform to sell products,  Amazon Alexa Voice Assistants offer an exciting and interactive customer experience.

As Alexa Skill producers and developers, we want to help you create a custom Alexa Skill that promotes your services and products.

There are many options available to include your custom Alexa Skill including:

  • Audio content for “Daily Tips”
  • User Questions provided by Alexa
  • Video Streaming
  • Visual presentation
  • Deliver web-links to users via text message
  • Offer subsciptions for exclusive audio recorded content
  • Include your Amazon products within your Alexa Skill for seamless buying opportunities.

Amazon’s SVP of devices and services, Dave Limp says more than 100 million devices with Alexa have been sold. And the Amazon Alexa audience is growing!

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