Studio Carlton Launches Zener Card Psychic Test, a Beyond Voice Skill for Amazon Alexa

ATLANTA, December 1st, 2020 /StudioCarlton/ — Studio Carlton, producers and developers in voice skill entertainment, today announced the launch of its “Zener Cards Psychic Test,” for participants to test their extra-sensory perception (ESP), or clairvoyance using the newly designed Zener Cards, exclusively for Amazon Alexa.

The “Zener Cards Psychic Test” is an interactive, voice-activated, and hands-free test, featuring beautiful graphics and animations, specialized for Amazon Alexa devices, Echo Show, SPOT, FireTV and the headless device, Echo Dot.

Once participants launch “Zener Psychic Test”, they are greeted by parapsychologist, Dr. Clair Voyant, who offers practical tips along the way such as:

  • Zener Card Psychic Testing requires two people, a sender and a receiver. Dr. Clair Voyant will telepathically send you the card symbol. And, you are the receiver. What do you see in your mind’s eye?

The Zener Cards are randomly generated and presented in various two to five card spreads. Participants are encouraged to quickly “go with their first impression” and select what symbol the hidden card is; star, circle, waves, cross or square. There are unique sound effects for correct and in-correct answers. After participants play 5 various Zener Card spreads, Dr. Clair Voyant presents a score, keeps track of High Scores and invites participants to continue playing.

For the serious participants, there’s a one chance in five of getting the correct card by pure chance. For a realistic evaluation of an individual’s psychic ability, one should take the Zener Card Psychic Test at least ten times or more for conclusive results.

“I’ve always loved the psychic arts and wanted to transform the traditional Zener Cards into an engaging, magical voice skill for participants of all ages to test or develop their psychic ability,” said Victoria lynn Weston, President of Studio Carlton. The “Zener Card Psychic Test” relied heavily on graphics, and our Graphics Designer gave the common symbols an exciting new look.”

Zener Cards were originally devised in the 1930s by perceptual psychologist Karl Zener to conduct experiments for extrasensory perception (ESP) or clairvoyance with his colleague, parapsychologist J. B. Rhine. J.B. Rhine founded the Rhine Institute for academic research into the field of parapsychology at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina at Duke University, North Carolina.

In the coming weeks, participants will be able to access a more challenging phase of Zener Card Psychic Testing through subscription. And, the option to set-up reminders to end or start the day with the ” Zener Card Psychic Test” skill every day, for example at 8:00 PM or at the time of breakfast.

“Zener Card Psychic Test” Alexa Skill supports English (US), English (IN), English (UK), English (CA) and English (AU).

Soon to be available in Spanish (US) and Spanish (Mexico).

To enable “Zener Cards Psychic Test,” on Amazon or grab the Quick Link below.

Enable “Zener Cards” via the Amazon Link

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