Studio Carlton Develops New Alexa Skill for Sheridan Film Company

(MediaQuire)  Atlanta, GA / Studio Carlton, a developer of custom Alexa Skills is pleased to announce the launch of their newest Amazon Alexa Skill for Sheridan Film Company and Producer Sheri Leigh Myers: the My Angel Prayer Alexa Skill.

My Angel Prayer offers participants powerful one-minute prayers created and spoken by Angel practitioners from around the world.  Participants whose Alexa-enabled devices have a built-in display capability, such as the Amazon Echo Show, SPOT, FireTV, will see beautiful images presented on the screen.

Studio Carlton saw an opportunity to grow the audience of the My Angel Prayer Alexa Skill by helping the Sheridan Film company reach more customers, build brand awareness, and generate revenue with in-skill-subscriptions.  After participants have heard a few free Angel prayers, they will be invited to subscribe to My Angel Prayer to gain unlimited access to exclusive Angel prayer content — an ever-expanding collection of over 100 Angel prayers by inspirational Angel practitioners, focusing on Healing, Love, Guidance, Protection, and Abundance.  Participants can also subscribe to exclusive content any time by saying, “What can I buy?”

“We were thrilled to partner with Victoria and the Studio Carlton team to develop My Angel Prayer Alexa Skill,” says Sheri Leigh Myers, Producer of Sheridan Film Company.  “They were friendly, accountable, and made themselves available to work seamlessly throughout the process, keeping us on budget.  Their creativity and out-of-the-box thinking was incredible which we truly valued!”

According to eMarketer, smart speakers are the fastest growing consumer technology since the smartphone, and today there are 100 million Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo Devices. With the general public becoming more comfortable using these devices in their everyday lives, the My Angel Prayer skill aims to lift, inspire and heal spirits using voice technology.

“We partner with innovative brands to create new business models with the endless possibilities available in conversational interfaces visual presentation now available for Amazon Echo Show devices so they can transform how they communicate with their audience,” said Victoria lynn Weston, Founder of Studio Carlton.  “We worked with Sheri Myers to develop the ideal My Angel Prayer Alexa Skill to engage participants by offering them a monthly subscription with unlimited access to an extensive library of categorized angel prayers and build a revenue stream at the same time.”

To further expand the recognition of their angel prayer hosts, Studio Carlton developers implemented a feature for Alexa to offer My Angel Prayer participants the option to receive information about the featured Angel Prayer Host.  When a user accepts, Alexa sends a “web-link via text” to their mobile device.  A user can conveniently click on the web link to review a short biography and contact information about the Angel Prayer Host.

You can enable My Angel Prayer free on or say, “Alexa, open My Angel Prayer” from your Alexa devices or Alexa app.

About Sheri Leigh Myers & Sheridan Film Company

Sheri Leigh Myers is the creator of My Angel Prayer Alexa Skill and host of How To Connect with Angels Podcast, conducting interviews with authors, channels, religious leaders, therapists, and healers all over the world who work with the Angelic realm.  Her independent film, “The Glitch,” about a mysterious phenomenon on an old TV,  is in pre-production with Sheridan Film Company.  Visit and


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